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July 18, 2005
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Jadaira by Beowulf-Kennedy Jadaira by Beowulf-Kennedy
An image for a great friend of mine who went with me to Anthrocon, 2 weekends ago. Half of her birthday present, this is. ;3

Jadaira copyright herself.
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ha1e Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
cuddly indeed =) also very well drawn.
simplyelysian Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
waaaaaaah shes just so cuddly looking! <3
Beowulf-Kennedy Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
The REALLY cool thing is that she's just as cuddly looking as she is in real life! :3

Thanks bunches for liking it! I know she appreciates it, as well!
DragonStrider Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
ppgrainbow Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work and detail in this drawing. I love how you did the sitting pose and anatomical proportions on the character. Her hair came out pretty good too. :D
oddballoffun Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2006  Professional Artist
ARGH! you do such nice art, the lines are all smooth and the charachters don't look uncomfortable (exceot for when they have massive boobs bein pushed up to the sky) but what i really needed to say was
I HAVE THOSE KNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! with the cool lace up bit :D ach!
and a comment on your other pics: you do some mad as corsets :D
i think i'll be hiding this pic from my mates tho, coz they all say i look like a cat, and im just as likley to find this plastered all over the Squadron building...
keep rocking!
Twinsnake-Coatl Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005
:aww: That's a very sweet smile.
HeReTikGoth Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005   Writer
I didn't see this on Sheezy, so I'll comment here instead.

Personally, my belief is that this is one picture that if it were a photograph, it'd be something that would go into Maxim. You seem to manage out these poses that borderline between being raunchy and artistic, dirty yet tasteful. This picture is no exception to that tradition you seem to keep up.

:headbang: Awesome work, dude, keep it up.
Beowulf-Kennedy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
See!? SEE?!?! :D Fuckin' ROCK, man! :dance: You're on the ball, on the level, you see it, you underSTAND me! XD (At least some days. I seem to be sliding into pr0n-ish type drawings a bit more than I used to be, so the more overtly erotic stuff is creepin' in a tad. What can I say? It sells. :3 Sales glean popularity, popularity more sales, blahbiddy blah.)

But yes, I've always thought that the phrase "eroticism is body, pornography is meat" has always applied in a great deal of my work. Not to mention what I find more sexually alluring/captivating to begin with. Sure, penis/ass/cooch/teats are all well and good if they are shapely, but there has to be a mystery to them otherwise its just uninteresting, you know? I think there's such a thing as 'being so naked you might as well be clothed'. =p But that doesnt mean I'm not interested in seeing a good ol' fashioned down-and-dirty suck 'n fuck. Occasionally, its quite refreshing to see the hardcore stuff. :3

You know what? I think I SHALL keep it up! :D

And as for your other post, I'll be popping into The Slave Chambers every once in awhile as Asta or Beowulf. I'm usually on at the wierdest hours. Usually 430-6am eastern time. SOMEtimes 10-11pm... But thats a rarity. =P
HeReTikGoth Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005   Writer
Dude, awesome, I can actually understand people! :P And here was me thinking it was impossible! Yay! ^_^ :headbang:

I think there's such a thing as 'being so naked you might as well be clothed'.

I'm not the only one? O_O Fucking hell yeah! ^_^ *yes, I swear a lot, its just by nature, its not of any attempt to make myself sound "cool" or whatever. :P* Hardcore is good, but sometimes, its also boring. I could make a looooooooong list of what bores me in comparison to what doesn't *coughcoughmusclydudesonsmall-framedfemales...oranyfemalesforthatmatter...* but I won't. Just to keep you from losing your sanity.

My friend, you might have heard of him, his name's Jeremy Bernal, he's a fucking HELL of an artist, his stuff is generally all hardcore, really dirty stuff, but he does it so well and with such...appealing...I dunno, just something really appealing about his art, but he does all of his pictures of females, whenever they're clotheless *yes, clotheless, they never wear anything, and if they do, its never concealing anything*, he never has them in boring generic poses, he's creative with them, each with a different position that just rocks the sexual mind into a drooling "mustyiffnow" state of being. He did several pictures of one of my characters, a half vixen half dog named Dawn...and she's pretty endowed *think Asta's think think of that, and yet somehow managing to seem believable all at once...that's how much this guy rocks...* and he did some of the HOTTEST damn pictures EVER of her, and I mean holy fuck!!! O_O

But yeah. I'll catch ya at the Slave Chamber tonight then, either at the rarer of those times or the more common one. Insomnia kicks ass.
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